Workshop on Engineering Privacy Aware Urban Scale Cyber Physical Systems

Recently there has been a drive towards designing smart cities and smart homes, as well as an increased usage of smart devices, ranging from smart electricity and gas meters to baby monitors to the now ubiquitous intelligent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These cyber-physical systems are distinguished from previous generations by virtue of extremely wide deployment (e.g., UK is encouraging usage of smart meters; devices like Alexa are popular Christmas presents). These large deployments bring us to an era of urban scale cyber physical systems and raises a number of interesting research challenges.

To address the emerging challenges, this UK-India Partnership Development workshop brings together subject experts and researchers from India and the UK, to creatively expand our understanding of ‘Engineering Privacy Aware Urban Scale Cyber Physical Systems’. The workshop is organised around a set of following three themes.

This workshop is funded by the UKIERI and DST to foster a growing research field and build a community of researchers to help identify core research questions and greatly boost the development of urban scale technologies in both India and the UK. Workshop participants (in collaborative groups) will develop proposals for projects investigating novel scalable and privacy preserving urban CPS technologies. Proposed outcomes encompass concrete roadmaps (including potential grant applications) that will be pursued post-workshop.

Organising Committee

India co-lead

Dr. Mainack Mondal
Department of Computer Science
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

UK co-leads

Dr. Suparna De
Department of Computer Science
University of Surrey

Prof. Nishanth Sastry
Department of Computer Science
University of Surrey

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